Friday, August 26, 2005

questions i get asked while on deputation

Are you Italian?
Do you speak Italian?
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Barbara Streisand? Then they continue by saying "I mean that in a nice way" I guess that is okay as long as we aren't talking about the yentil movie.
How are your kids doing traveling in the van all the time?
When will you go to the field?
Have you visited the country yet?
What are you going to do about schooling your children?
How does your family feel about you leaving?

I guess I find it funny that the questions all have simple answers that everyone basically knows the answer to or knows that it is something I struggle with and there are no simple answers. I would love it if someone would just take me aside and pray with me or ask me something about my quiet time or tell me about theirs. Deputation is definitely a challenge but I see how it holds the key to disconnecting from our home church and our family and friends. This is something I guess we are starting to go thru. Early culture shock. The fact that we are out of sight and out of mind. Here is a picture of the kids at a church that we were at in Texas. We are haveing a good time as a family. People ask the kids questions a lot too. The funny part about that is their answers. Kent likes to say that we are missionaries and that we are always on vacation. They don't know a stranger and the favorite part of church is shaking hands with as many people as possible.

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