Saturday, August 27, 2005

seinfeld really does relate to real life

Have you ever been in those situations where you think, "This is a seinfeld moment"? Since we have been traveling I have been experiencing them a lot more often. Like for instance I actually got a leg cramp from trying to get the sheets loose from the bed at the hotel. Anyone know what I am talking about? The other day in candidate school it just kept going and going I immediately thought of Elaine on the subway when the train stopped and she was stuck. She kept talking in her mind to make the subway GO... I kept doing the same thing in class. Granted I wasn't on my way to a lesbian wedding or in a subway but it did somehow relate. Keep tuned in for more Seinfeld experiences. I hope I don't lose my button in a movie theatre and run into a supporting pastor, now that wouldn't be good on deputation. (it could raise some kind of support though)

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