Saturday, July 16, 2005

catch up

Two more weeks and we get to come home. I am so glad to be moving in to a house. I can't hardly wait. Traveling has been fun and deputation is definitely a challenging experience. Today we drove from Arlington to Austin. We got to our destination 15 minutes before we were asked to arrive. We drove down the street to a parking lot (turned out to be a law office) It was desserted because it was Saturday. Anyway the whole family had to change clothes and clean up in the van. It was a zoo. And about 100 degrees outside. I laughed hysterically. Jon was trying to change his pants and I was trying to put on my makeup and the kids were changing their clothes. We made it though. The Pastor was nice. He isn't BBFI, I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. We enjoyed our time visiting tonight. He took us to eat at Olive Garden and it was delicious. As we left we were not even a mile down the road and the van died in the street. Luckily it wasn' t the battery or the alternator. This time it was the fact that we had failed to fill the tank with gas. But oh, how embaressing! So the pastor helped us out.
We spent time with Chris and Denelle Richards Jon's friend from college last week in Arlington. We had a good time. Arlington wasn't as nice a place as I had imagined. The house we stayed in was nice but the neighborhood wasn't . We were told to take out everything in our van of value because the last two missionaries that stayed had their van broke into. Thank the Lord our van didn't though. We leave this week for Odessa. Ethan thinks it's cool we will be in the desert. I'm not sure what he is expecting but at least he is excited about it. I need to get to bed but thought I would catch up a little on what is going on. I have so many stories to tell but can't think of them when I get a chance to sit down and write. It's mostly about funny or crazy things that have happened so far. You know like how Nattie broke her nose or some of the places we are asked to sleep and some of the questions that get asked about our church. I'll clue you in later. see u until next time.

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