Monday, July 11, 2005

On the road in Texas

We were approved on May 17 as BBFI missionaries. What a great sense of accomplishment. That day was amazing in about every way. I faced the worst fear ever and overcame it. The Lord sure knows how to orchestrate so many different details of everyday life. Soon after we were asked to move out of our apartment that we had lived in for 3 years. So that was a whirlwind and we are currently homeless. We have been able to stay in several missionary homes though down in Texas. WOW IT'S HOT HERE. We have been traveling now for about 6 weeks. i am ready for a break. This has been a lot of fun and we have been in several different churches. We were able to go to the beach in Galveston. that was a lot of fun. The kids are doing well. They miss Missouri and their paa paa and Grandma very much. I had a realization on the 4th of July though. I was sitting eating my lunch thinking how weird it was that both of our families were celebrating the holiday and we weren't there, then i thought about homemade ice cream and that we always had homemade ice cream the kind you had to handcrank. All of us kids and (cousins) would crank that thing until we couldn't hardly turn it anymore. THen my grandpa would walk up and take his big hand and turn that thing like it was nothing. THen I realized my link to my childhood was gone, and then I realized my childhood was gone and there sat my kids laughing and telling jokes and doing what we do best eating Mexican food. It was time to make our own memories. Then Jon said to me "want anything else?" All i could say was "homemade Icecream sounds so good right now." and i melted into tears right there at DonPablos. He had no idea what was wrong or what I had been thinking but our eyes connected and he understood. He held me close and said that does sound good. That is why Jon and I are soul mates. So when we get home, Hey family let's have some ice cream.