Tuesday, June 15, 2010

here I am

Yay it is summer! Although I have neglected my blog, I haven't forgotten about it. And I have had plenty of blog worthy stories to share, just short on time and pithy writing skills. In the last school year we were privileged to host many friends and family in our home and share our new world with them. I love hosting.

The children finished school more than successfully on Friday the 12th. We couldn't be more proud. I am happy to say official classes for Jon and I are done for the year as well. We still intend on working hard thru the summer though.

We have had several events for our new friends in the community. They were a huge success and I am excited to say that the Easter egg hunt with the resurrection story was printed up in the local annual school paper. A picture and a very good article as well. We are pleased and many of the other parents and children wanted to meet me and find out if we were doing it again next year and if they could join in! YAY!!

The last blog mentioned that Kent was working with a team at the Rome University. This did not prove to be a venue we wanted to continue. In all honesty I believe that God was protecting Kent. We were able to find some help within 10 minutes of our home (thru my dear friend here.) He is a doctor specifically for this disorder and because of Kent's previously diagnosed condition from the States... One meeting and he signed papers and we were able to present them to the school for an assistant for Kent to help him for next year! We are very pleased about this. We are also looking into what it would take to get a special needs dog for Kent just for his aspergers. (that is a topic for another post) but something to pray for all the same!!

Ethan has been tested in his faith this year. I am glad to tell you that my happy Ethan is surfacing some days more than others. I sometimes wonder if culture shock hit him later than the rest of us, or now that we are adjusting he could have his time of reality. God has been good and faithful in his love toward Ethan and I TRUST Him so much.

Natalie performed in her class play. It was superb! She played "happy" one of the seven dwarfs! Her Italian is PERFECT. Everyone here marvels at the way she has such an amazing Roman accent! She has received all 10s (A's) and her manuscript writing is outstanding. I will have to post an example soon.

Thank you to all of you who pray for us. We are encouraged when we remember those at home who love us.


Shilo said...

Beautiful Becky, so good to hear your news. I'm glad for the update on the kids and to hear the joy in your words about the Easter outreach!
Blessings and prayers - especially for a special dog for Kent and for a great summer for you all!

Hillengrandma said...

i am surprised that you have not had more comments. It must be that people are not looking for your blog because it has been so long since you posted. I love this and read it again every day. Makes me feel closer to you somehow. Love you all so very much.