Saturday, October 24, 2009

Listen to this.

The following are amazing acts that our God has shown to our family and our ministry here in Rome. I am so excited to tell you about them that I can't type fast enough.
Thank you for praying for Kent. Looking back I have so much insight as to what God was doing to better him as a person and us a as a family. But if I would have found out about his condition several years ago we would not be on the path we are on, which would be a HUGE mistake. Instead we continued to trust and follow God and thru that we were led to Rome. We had wanted to start in Milan but as doors closed and others opened for us to be here we walked thru them. If I had to describe last year to you, it would be best summed up as the hardest year of my life. Too many details to go into now, but I see how GOD IS SOVEREIGN. We came back from the summer in America, this year ready for whatever the Lord had for us but not expecting such amazing blessing to be poured out. I guess all along His blessing was being poured out we just didn't understand it.
Kent has been accepted into a study at the Rome University. There is a team of doctors who are currently working with him, and accurately defining his diagnosis. Along with that they have taken it upon them selves to call the school and talk to the teachers and headmaster to determine the best way to teach and help Kent. After he is officially diagnosed the school will apply for a special teacher to assist Kent in class and help him to stay on task. This will help him so much, especially with the language barrier. (which by the way is costing us nothing because we were miraculously granted our residence cards for 10 YEARS!! allowing us to apply for the health care here as well.)

Speaking of language, God has also supplied a tutor for the boys to help them with their homework one night a week and to be able to continue to study in Italian. We are hoping to schedule 2 nights but are waiting for God's timing and supply. We are overwhelmed with the compassion the community has shown to help us. If you didn't know the boys are enrolled in Italian public school. They are still learning Italian.

As Jon and I went to sign up for language studies this year, we ran into our teacher from the year before. There was a huge line but she ushered us right in and said let's get you signed up. When we went to pay she said there was no charge....Huh!? One of those things we didn't question but walked out smiling as God continued his work.

Okay so here is even some more BIG news. After picking the children up a few weeks ago from school. Kent's teacher inquired about our church in Rome. She thought maybe we would be able host the class Christmas program this year and if Jon wouldn't mind, to read the Christmas story! I stood there stunned! AMAZING, we would have Kent's whole class and family to our church this Christmas. God continues to open doors and we are just his vessel.

Although I miss home more than you can imagine, I am starting to see that God wants to do great things in Italy and because I have an intimate relationship with Him there is no where else I would rather be. I can't tell you how much we covet your prayers, how thankful we are for your support and ask that you continue to lift us up, because if you look at two posts earlier...everyone of our prayers were answered!!! We will continue to lift you all up as well.


Shilo said...

Well, Becky...I can hardly type for the tears! I am amazed with you at all God has done for your family and especially for!!!! When you walked through the valley...He was there. When you walked through the were not harmed! You are His and it is so exciting to see Him using you for His glory there! Praising Him and rejoicing with you, my friend.
Hugs from Paraguay!

Anonymous said...

What a good God we serve! What an amazing few months you have had! Rejoicing with you here in K.C.!!

Love you all!
Ruth Doss

Hillengrandma said...

Our God is a wonderful, fantastic, amazing God. Thank you for telling others of His Amazing Grace and how He has answered all of our prayers on your behalf. You did a great job on this blog. Love you so very much.

LauraD said...

Great news! God is faithful. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. We can't explain how EXCITED we are for you guys and the future of our team. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Becky, this gives me goosebumps to read how God is blessing. His timing isn't always what we would choose or his methods either but oh, when we abide in Him and wait for Him, He can just bless our socks off. I'm so thankful He has chosen to allow you to see his blessings sooner than later adn that He has chosen to overwhelm you all at once with more than you could have expected. Remember this when you hit a wall in language or have frustrations in ministry down the road. He is faithful, He is trustworthy, He is GOD!! And we are privileged to be called His children.

Bethany Potter

Shilo said...

Hi Friend! I just wanted to write and wish you a very Merry Christmas! I pray it will be a special time for you and your family and that you aren't too terrible homesick! Big hugs from Paraguay!

Lynn Pottenger said...

Becky - hello I have the blog that precedes yours on coffee girl confessions. It sounds like the Lord is working greatly in your lives and in your work in Italy. What an interesting place to live and serve! I will be praying that you continue to see and sense his presence and his actions in your lives!

I also checked out your christmas poems blog. What an amazing heritage for you and for your children! It must be fun and challenging each year to come up with the poem! I pray blessings on you as you enter 2010 that you will having fun and amazing things about your walk with the Lord to record this December in your poem.

blessings! Lynn P.