Friday, September 28, 2007

Jon in Rome

I just heard from Jon. The phone thing is figured out!! It was as simple as calling AT and T. I am so thankful. He is doing great. He went to a four hour coffee with Brent today. It was very positive. Brent received his letter of invitation after 7 years in the country and just received his religious workers visa. We are so happy for them. Jon is learning the metro system and has been experiencing life in Italy. He said he ran into the Spanish Steps today. Can you imagine?! He also went to Vatican City. These are two places we didn't make it to on our survey trip 3 years ago. I can't believe it has been 3 years. Hopefully we will be back soon. Jon is staying in a great little hostel in Rome. Off a road you might know as the Appian Way. He has several more appointments and I just pray the Lord will allow him to meet the right people who can help us. This has been crazy to work thru. Opening a field is definitely more than we bargained for. Jon said it will just take time for people to meet us and see we aren't freaks and that we really do have a passion for the people of Italy. I really believe that he is right. God has done so much for us preparing the way. I tell myself every morning and when I feel like I just don't get it "I TRUST HIM. I TRUST HIM." This world is full of people not to trust so to have Him to trust is a gift. Even when I don't understand. Especially when I don't understand. Thanks for your prayers. We covet them at this time.


Kevin said...

We are so glad Jon is having a good trip. We miss you guys so much and we are praying for you everyday. As for your being freaks, that's a matter of opinion. (smile)

God bless.

BECKY said...

Ha ha very funny! I wish there was a way to play virtual that a freak thing?

Kevin said...

Hey-it's me and I miss you so much. I am so glad to hear everything is going good with Jon. I am sorry your kids have been sick. I am not feeling real hot myself. I can't believe that about Brent getting his visa it just goes to show you God doesn't always work on our time table. As soon as I get back block off like a weeks worth of "coffee evenings." Call me, I love you.