Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I thought I should write to let you guys know how Becky is doing and what we are up to. Thank you so much for your prayers and concern for us during the last few weeks. After much prayer, visiting the emergency room twice in Milan, contacting the American Consulate in Milan, talking with Becky's doctor back in the United States, and speaking with our pastor and the missions office, we felt it necessary to bring Becky back to the United States this summer for treatment of her condition. She was diagnosed with Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism) about two weeks before our initial departure to Italy and began taking medication for it at that time. We thought her health was good enough at that time to spend the summer in Italy obtaining our paperwork for a lifetime visa into Italy. We were planning on coming back to the States at the end of this summer to file our visa work and begin the initial phases of aggressive treatment for her condition. After our arrival in Italy, Becky had an "attack" which sent her thyroid into overdrive bringing many of the symptoms she was experiencing before medication back with a furry. Her heart was beating over 100 times per minute for about 5 days and she also experienced weakness in her arms and legs and pain in certain muscles. Consequently, she spent her time in Italy in bed or in the apartment resting. We purchased round trip tickets from Milan to Springfield and hope to treat and stabilize her condition within the next few months and possibly move (again) to Italy in September. We will be in Springfield this summer seeking our letter of invitation through new avenues, learning Italian, visiting a few more churches, and most importantly getting Becky better. We need your prayers at this time and would appreciate to hear from you through email or through our cell phone (417-496-8222). Thank you again for helping us get to and stay in Italy. We can't wait to actually get there for good and look forward to how God is going to work through our weakness.


Jon and Bec


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers your way!

Sarah T.

Anonymous said...

We are keeping you guys in our prayers.

Cheryl W.