Thursday, May 24, 2007


We went back to the consulate today. This time in St Louis. It is the sub consulate to Chicago. Our paperwork was looked at and was signed. We are very thankful. He told us to go ahead and keep our flight date as planned. We should hear back before then. If not we will be rescheduling on the eighth of June before the twelfth of June which is when we plan to leave. This again is the Lord working. I am confident in that. So I am in limbo to pack and such. We will be having a garage sale next week with the stuff I can get rid of now. Then we will sell the furniture and such. If it goes as planned we are only 19 days out. Of course our visa application could be denied for whatever reason they choose. If so we will take that as God's provision and keep trying.
I am so thankful as I sit here and type. Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been that long. I am so happy to have Jon and to have our 3 wonderful children. We sorta celebrated in St Louis today. Next year we will be in Italy to celebrate, that will be so great.
We have 4 more churches left to speak at. I am actually not going. I am officially done with the traveling for now. We are excited that this chapter is almost done. Now on to a new adventure.
The children have almost completed one year of work in one semester. I am so proud of them. They have learned so much.
And for all of you Francine Rivers fans... guess what!! Her book The Last Sin Eater was made into a movie and came out on the 15th. We saw it and it was really good. Just like the book. Of course I always think the books are better than the movie.

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