Tuesday, November 07, 2006

super conference in atlanta ga

Can you find Jon? This should give some indication about the missions conference we just got back from. It was like none other I had ever seen. I was so overwhelmed by the people. They knew my kids names and birthdays the night we walked in the door. They had been praying for our family since July. The day we arrived we had lunch with the pastor and his staff and it started with a prayer session. It was unbelievable. We had three of those while we were there. At the conferences my kids were taken and picked up from their classes by a couple who had signed up just to help us with whatever we needed for the week that was just one of the many thoughtful things they did. The level of respect and just overall happiness that they had missionaries to take care of was so overwhelming. This church is also in the middle of a building project. We have heard so much of the time that churches aren't having a missions conference this year because they are in the middle of a building project. We got home last night and we have already had 4 emails from church members who have already prayed for our family today. And yes they took us on and all of the other superheros on the page. GOD IS SO GOOD. This experience is like none other. GOD WILL BLESS THIS CHURCH FOR THEIR SACRIFICE. Posted by Picasa

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