Saturday, October 28, 2006

Portland on the Beach

We loved the beach and the waterfalls. What an experience!! Couldn't have done it with out the help of my family watching our children. We picked up support in the service so all their hard work was not in vain. We are in Ohio right now. We had an amazing weekend in Amarillo TX> The Lord has provided the money needed for Jon's eye surgery. What a blessing! We will be in GA by Wednesday night. The children will be celebrating their last halloween for a while. We found a church on the web that does trunk or treat so that is the plan. We have all been battling colds. Please pray that Natalie does not get in any worse. We have discovered children's nyquil though. Praise God! Hopefully she will rest better. We are getting road weary but almost done for this month.
For many of those who have prayed for Jon's eyes thank you. We did go and get a second opinion and he was still advised to have the surgery. Apparently the flap that was placed in the eye in the last surgery has scarred over. We were not aware of this and this is why the pressures continue to build and there has been more eyesight lost. The surgery is now scheduled for NOV 15. (barring there are no more poison oak overgrowth areas that Jon wrestles with.) I should have taken pictures. It was actually pretty bad.
Sorry for not having more posts. Some how the posts have not been coming up on the screen. They only have shown if the month of October is selected. (I even switched to beta blogger, Mark) Any body know what i need to do to fix this problem? Can't wait to be home. SO much to do for the holidays this year. WHO HAS STARTED SHOPPING.? Who has a christmas list? I know Skywriting does.

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testertribetravels said...

I am so happy about your October! I want to tell you --we loved our visit with you and talk about it all the time. We will be praying for the surgery on the 15th. I read Redeeming love in 8hrs and just got 7more francine rivers books on e-bay --I am an addict steve says. Thank you!! love you guys! -tara