Friday, August 25, 2006

Jon's Eyes

Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing to encourage your prayers for Jon. He had a routine eye appointment today. His pressures are up again even with the past surgery and 2 prescription eye drops. He has lost more vision and is scheduled to have a fourth surgery September 20. We know this is in God’s timing and He knows all things. We will have to rearrange several appointments. As many of you know September is a busy time of year for visiting churches. We tried to hold off until November but the Dr strongly advised us not to. We trust him and he has been Jon’s Dr for 12 years. Please keep him in your prayers. It has been a very discouraging day but we know things could be much worse. We love you all. I have also attached what glaucoma looks like . They will be placing a second hole in the right eye. This is not done with a laser and is pretty painful. Posted by Picasa

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Lynn S. said...

It's a great thing that the Great Physician is totally in charge. I'll be talking to Him about you all. Especially on the 20th. Stay in the grip of His grace.
Lynn S.