Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday afternoon

Its Sunday afternoon and I am at home packing. I just heard from Jon and his Sunday morning went very well. He was in a church in Moore OK he has been in before and stopped in to just to let them know how things were going. He is on to Denton TX to preach tonight. We came home for an uneventful lunch and began getting ready for the Liles family vacation. It is definitely a highlight of the summer. (at least for the kids.ha ha) Any way we are going to Branson for the week and are ready for some fun. With Jon having 5 brothers and sisters this makes up to have 16 grandchildren 10 and under. All of the family live all over the world and the country so this will prove to be an exciting time because this opportunity won't come around in a very long time where we all will be in the states at the same time. Special thanks to Dining by design for one of the meals. And to my mom and dad "Thank you", I know the Italian cake will be delicious and everyone is really looking forward to it. Here are 6 of the 16 grandkids in a photo above. Ethan, Garrett, Kent, Cailee, Breanna, and Natalie.

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