Saturday, June 24, 2006

Deputation at Disney

1.The Liles in the C of California at Clalifornia Adventure part of Disney
2.The Liles in the L of California at California Adventure part of Disney
3.Getting our tickets at Disney. Thank you Pastor Tony Birge and Victory Baptist of Anaheim
4.Tower of Terror
5.Googly Bear on the New Monsters inc ride
6.Boo and Sully on the New Monsters inc ride
7.Ethan loving the pink cotton candy
8.The Liles having the best day ever!
9.California adventure at the big Mountain ride(can't think of the name)
10. The kids having lots of fun
11. The kids having Hot cocoa in their mouse ears
12.The kids in front of the castle that you can't see
13. a repeat
14. a repeat
15. a repeat
16. a repeat
We had an unbelievable time. God is amazing to not only answer prayers but give us huge extra nuggets of fun. I had never been to Disney so this was actually a dream come true for me. Even at age 29 ( i wasn't 30 yet) I was so excited to get to go. It was actually 50 degrees that day and supposed to rain all day. Thankfully it only rained 30 minutes and we were inside eating lunch at that time. When we stepped outside it stopped. Only God could do that for us. Becuase of this though the park wasn't crowded and we were able to ride a lot of rides we wouldn't have been able to. We had such a good time at this church the week we were there. We were in a conference with The Williams and The Lyons. We had tons of fun and lots of kids!! The church had a Christian School and let all of our children attend. They had a great time. It gave us parents time to do the game they set up for the week. We played the amazing race. It was great! Every night they would slip an envelope with a challenge for the next day. Even the church was involved as their challenges included things like eat at a fillipino restaraunt, and learn all of the childrens names and who they belong to. It was a blast. But Disney started off with pictures of signs that we followed until we made it to the gate at Disney. They were there waiting with a prize for the first person to their custom made amazing race mat.
This conference was also highly encouraging as well as fun. Five nights we were in five different cottage meetings where people heard the need for Italy as well as got to know us and pray for us. I will never forget this time with these people who shared their home and busy schedules with us. It is alwasys hard for some people to pray in front of others, but that time is so precious. You can really get to know someone and their heart when you pray together. This week was definitely a highlight for us and we left so encouraged and knowing these people really do care and will remember Italy and us. They did take us on for support as well. I'll stop for now because my eyes are getting teary just thinking about it. Posted by Picasa

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