Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sweet Obedience

The faces I have come know by name are welcomed characters in my dreams. Each night when I sleep I revisit the places and people of my small village town outside of Rome. The bonds of friendship play out in my waking moments too. I have forever been marked with compassion and longing to be with these people in heaven someday. It marks my everyday life. How I spend my money. How I pray. How I talk. How I work. It revolves around how to get back to these people and how I plan to fight the spiritual battle for their souls. 
It has been suggested by some that I shouldn't want to go back. Despite my personal hardships, my passion is to share Jesus Christ with these friends.  I have not posted our progression of friendships for sometime. I have now been given liberty to write these precious moments. It is a sweet gift for me to share the part of my life that God has chosen to use to reach others for him in a way that is widely misunderstood by many. This is for those who want a glimpse and want to understand. If but one soul can be saved from an eternity in hell separated forever from our loving God, I will gladly walk this path of obedience God has asked me to. 

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Hillengrandma said...

Just found this today, 8/1/18. This is precious. Thank you for going to share with these precious people. Love you, sweet girl.