Tuesday, January 13, 2009

things to pray about

Jon and I are so thankful for all of your prayers and support. We have definitely known there were specific times when people were praying for us. Please don't stop. Please know we pray for you too.

There are a few things that we would love for you to lift up specifically.

#1 We are in need of the rest of our paperwork. Until we receive our permesso's we can't apply for residence and so on. We have been expecting them since the beginning of November. We go to the police station every week to check for them.

#2 Pray for the relationships with our new friends. God has allowed us to become friends with so many wonderful Italian people...I can't wait to see who is first!! Then second and then and then...

#3Thank Him...
-we are all feeling better!!!!!
-we are in language school
-The children are doing well in school and have made friends. This is huge for all of us.
-We were able to open an Italian bank account even though we don't have our permessos... this has been a mess to pay our bills and our rent. We have been running around to ATMs to get the cash to pay the rent...CRAZY. (I say "we" it's Jon, I don't even know our pin number.)
-We have gained some support while on the field and we are making plans to try to partner with more churches this summer.
-For the internet!! Skype, email, blogs, etc...

Some may think I obsess about home; but you all are our life line to being able to stay here. Thank you, thank you for investing in us and for a cause bigger than any of us can imagine.


Shilo said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for your honesty! I will be praying for you guys for your paperwork...waiting can be so hard!! Have a great week! Shilo

Cindy said...

Dear Becky and Jon,

I prayed for you today. I'm so glad you all are feeling
better! Isn't it wonderful how God is giving you so many Italian friends. We know that God is at work,
and we are so proud of you all for going and look
forward to what He will do through you all!
Cindy Lyons

LauraD said...

Praying for you all today! Miss you!