Thursday, January 22, 2009

cramming it in

There is so much to cram into this post. But I want to share with you all that God has been doing!

First- THANK YOU for praying for our permessos...unfortunately there was a little glitch BUT God did grant them to us. This is a huge huge blessing. Please continue to pray. Kent's name was spelled wrong on each one of the cards so they had to send them back. They told us it could be up to four months before we get them back. AHH!! We desperately need them before then but I know GOD is in control and I trust Him. Jon and I both saw the mistake and in 10 seconds had to make the decision to let them know or run away with them. I am not sure but even more delays could have encountered later on had we taken the cards. I know we made the right decision. But it cost us another trip down to the police station and all new passport photos. SO KEEP PRAYING!!! Since we have been approved I am hoping the process will go a little more faster than if we were applying from scratch...


PRAISE #3 God again answered prayer! Natalie has been unable to start school this year because the class was full. Thanks to my new friend...she spoke with the headmaster several times and he concluded it would be better if Natalie started now to help the teachers next year and Natalie to adjust to the language. HUGE!! She was like 7th on the list. I have a meeting with him on Saturday and my new friend (who speaks many languages) has offered to go with me to help translate. We have a very HAPPY NATALIE!

PRAISE #4 Jon was given the opportunity to go to Belgium for a few days with some other European missionaries. Thankfully his trip was generously paid for. I know he will come back refreshed and energized. What an amazing gift that God gave him.

PRAISE #5 We have been given a chance to go to Springfield for Skyler's wedding. We are so excited to get to see family and share this amazing moment in Skyler's life. We will be in the States for a few weeks and will also be taking the opportunity to visit some potential supporting churches.

I am thanking God today and will not take for granted to ask you to pray specifically again. God heard us and He did amazing things this week to encourage our hearts and renew us. This can only mean there is a battle ahead. So I am sharpening my sword.


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD! So many wonderful blessings..Prayers answered...We pray for you often...our love, Aunt Wanda

The Caldwells said...

So glad to hear that Natalie will be able to go to school.. it must've been hard to be home while her brothers social circles were growing. Also, big yea! for being able to be a part of the wedding. my brother got married a year after we moved to austria and thankfully we were able to be there too! God is good to send us those little things in life. If you're ever in Austria... haha! We'd love to see Rome sometime, we'll have to call you guys. We spent last summer in a small town in Italy for a mini vacation, it was about 4 hrs. from us.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad we're going to be able to visit with you at the wedding. And we're so excited that Natalie gets to start school Thank God for your new FRIEND!

God does answer prayer!

Love you all,

Hillengrandma said...

Oh my, How good is our Lord? So many of these things we have prayed for and now have wonderful answers. Thank you, Father. We are excited about Natalie getting to start to school. We have already been praying that she won't be overwhelmed. I, personally, can not imagine going to school for the very first time in my life, and I don't even understand much of the language. I think SHE will do just fine. We love all of you and are so anxious to see you in May.

Anonymous said...

Becky, what awesome news.... yeah for Natalie! And yeah for all of you getting to come home for Skyler's wedding... I can't wait to see you during you visit home. I pray all of you are feeling better and staying healthy!

Melissa Yeubanks

LauraD said...

Can't wait to see you guys! Praying for you today!