Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The ride of my life

I am not going to lie... this year has just been one big roller coaster ride. We basically waited and waited in line...jumped on and barely got our belts fastened and we were riding as fast as the car could take us. There have been dips and turns that weren't expected, but views only those on the ride could experience. The highs have been so overwhelming...when looking back we have seen God's hand guiding us thru what we would never have thought possible.

Looking back at 2008 there are many reflections to ponder but most of all I ponder at His work in my life. I have heard many tell about their ride on the roller coaster and everyone says something different...but like most rides...they wait in line again just to experience the rush...and sometimes longer just so they can have the front seat!!!

Facing this Christmas for the first time was a challenge. I made it thru with flying colors until Saturday. Then it hit...I didn't even see it coming. The tears flowed and I again felt the overwhelming realization I had missed the holidays with my parents and my brother. It was never going to be the same even if I went home. Whatever "home" means now.

I realized though, that it is because of this season that we are called away to this duty of service. Without Christmas there would be no good news to share. That put things in perspective. The orchestration of God's plan is in the minute details and I seem to forget that.

I have thought of many friends in far away places who are doing the work. And sometimes that means some days are just surviving. Well friends, we made it thru the Holidays and we faced the hardest month to be away from friends and our family and we became closer to our own. More important we have leaned on God and the relationship He has built in us and He will renew us for the coming year and each morning--because His mercies are new.



Hillengrandma said...

What a great blog!!! We are so proud of you and Jon. You have come a long, long way. The Lord has been SO GOOD to you and to us.

Anonymous said...

Loved your comments for Dec. 31. Yes, you have been on a wild ride, for sure, and it's great to see you hanging on and hanging in there. I remember Christmases that I cried, too, and I wasn't on the other side of the world. Yes, you're going to make it because our God is a great God. Love, Aunt Kay

Shilo said...

Thanks for your faithfulness to His call even in the hard times when lonliness sets in and you are missing family. It's so hard but then so sweet when God meets us right where we are and comforts us.
Blessings in the new year!

Anonymous said...

God bless you for hanging on when all around you was mighty slippery. God is so good..being there when we need Him most. We are so proud of each of you. We pray for you daily. Have a blessed New Year. Love, Aunt Wanda

Ellie said...

Hang in there. My year was a roller coaster, too, but God was in it.

I must admit that I was happy to pack away the Christmas tree a few days ago. Just glad to have survived the holidays, and on to normal life. In normal life, I do not miss home so much.