Tuesday, December 02, 2008


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hillenblogshappywife said...

Has the package from us arrived yet? oh well, if not, kent will have another gift when it gets there finally!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kent, Sorry you have been sick....We love you and pray for you. Aunt Wanda

Hillengrandma said...

I love the pictures of your party. You look so grown up. Hope you had a Happy Birthday!!

Grandpa and Grandma Hillenburg

becl said...

the package came and he was so excited. It is in the pictures. He kept saying it smells like Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy's house. I makes me think of them.

Oh and he loved the card!! He also told ethan that it was from...chad. Does Chad even know it's his b-day? haha.

Thanks for thinking of him. It made our day. We love you and missed you for cake and ice cream.

hillenblogshappywife said...

i realized the hat was in the pictures after I commented...your dad told me about kent smelling it and saying that. It made me cry. Give that kid a hug and all the rest of you too. Feel better, we are praying you all will.

Lisa Wilson said...

Happy Birthday Kent! Glad to see you are feeling better. We have been praying for you and your dad!

Chad Watson said...

Happy birthday, pal. I sure miss you guys.