Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rome Embassy

So we got to go into Rome today and exercise our right to vote. I must give a shout out to Admin, because after reading his post we were fired up. We had been afraid we might not be able to vote, because our ballots hadn't been sent to us by mail yet. Jon got on the horn and called the Embassy. It wasn't too late and we were on our way downtown. Let me add it was pouring rain when we left and Jon also has double pneumonia but that is how important it is to us that we get a chance to vote for a candidate. It was very exciting! We were searched and unable to take any electronic devices in with us so no pics on the inside...but we were able to cast our votes!! As you can tell there are security with guns and a line to get in. The Embassy just happens to be next to Hard Rock cafe, so we headed over for a piece of apple pie. We thought that was just about as American as it can get. Now we wait.
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Anonymous said...

Happy you were able to vote. Glad you had pie, but Jon you better take care of yourself that can get serious...praying for each of you, our love, Aunt Wanda