Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remembering Aunt Rita

This week marks an unfortunate anniversary. I love fall and I love Thanksgiving. But now this time of the year does not go by without the thoughts and memories of 5 years ago. As many of you remember my Aunt...my mom's sister was struck by a van and killed while walking her dog with her husband in their quiet Springfield Neighborhood as the driver drove away. I will NEVER forget that day! Everything about it. Time stopped. It was beautiful and warm, a nice day for a walk.

I reflect on this for several reasons. The first is it's just nice to remember her. I loved my aunt and I love my mom and my cousins. There aren't many days that go by that the loss isn't remembered. To me it's nice to know someone does remember and they are sorry for what happened. Too many times people don't know what to say so they don't say anything at all.

Reason #2...It's no secret that I am a worrier. I want a plan of action for everything. So moving to another country of course brought up so many fears. But I watched that night as Rita went to meet God that He had her days numbered. It didn't take Him by surprise and that no matter where we are we are to be obeying Him. In Springfield or another country. I can't forget that. Even when it's hard. I have to have a healthy fear of my Father.

Reason #3 Sins of others and myself can lead to destruction...not only to themselves but many others they/I come in contact with. The reality of this fact is so profound it is hard to even imagine. Her life touched many therefore losing her did too.
My memories of my aunt are many things, but going to her house around the fourth of July and cooking out, having homemade ice cream, and swimming ALL day stick out in my mind. She always made it so much fun. She made seven layer dip just for me! Okay not just for me but she knew I loved it. She also made the best snicker doodles ever! I still try to make them but I can't make them like her. Listening to her and my mom get tickled over something and laughing and laughing was infectious.
I think I will make some cookies tonight.

Thanks for letting me remember and thanks for all the love you gave our family when we lost her five years ago.


Hillengrandma said...

Thank you for this sweet remembrance. Today,(Wed.) was hers and Bill's anniversary(43 years) and tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. She was an extremely sweet person and such fun as we were growing up. After I moved to Springfield and she was still in high school, I could hardly wait for the weekend so I could go home and spend the weekend with my parents and Rita. We always had so much fun. I will always miss her, but I try to not dwell on the day she died, but the 56 years she was alive and here. Thanks, Becky, for taking the time to remember her. It means so much to me.

Shilo said...

Hi Becky,
What a sweet tribute.
I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog an for your encouraging words. Thanking God for His work in ALL of our lives!
I'll be checking back in with you!