Wednesday, October 29, 2008

some stuff

Story about Ethan...
Jon went to a school meeting to vote for classroom mothers. I stayed with the children. He understands more in those meetings than I do so he went. He said that Ethan's teacher was very complimentary on his behavior. She also mentioned that he has his table pray for lunch and leads them in prayer. When we asked Ethan about this he said "yes I do that, but when I am done the other kids touch their head, chest and each shoulder. Is that okay?" We laughed and said yes but you don't have to.

Another culture thing. Strikes around here are very common. Apparently tomorrow the school teachers are holding a strike and so the kids don't have school. Well we can take them but we won't be guaranteed their supervision. Interesting. So we will have free day tomorrow. YAY!!

Kent took a book that he got from church several years ago about a pumpkin and it gives a good presentation of the truth. Something that HSBC gave out for Halloween. The teacher asked him to bring it Friday and read it to the class in English. How cool is that!

Jon has taken the kids to several birthday parties and we are starting to feel a part of a connection of friends. We are really starting to get familiar with our community and enjoying it more and more.

Continue to pray as we head into the holidays.


Amanda said...

I am so glad. I know how you feel. I love my little group of friends, and yes most of them are non believers but I have never been more excited about people God has brought into my life than I am right now. He really is good. I love your scrapblog. To do the other kind of digital scrapbooking with the things that I put on my blog you have to have some kind of photo editing program like Paintshop pro or photoshop. If you have those I would love to show you how to do it. :) It is very addicting.

The G's said...

Love the stories. You have bold little boys...who knows who they will reach.