Friday, October 03, 2008


The thoughts that flood my mind are that of home. With the change of the season it seems hard to believe we have been on the field for 5 months. To many that may not seem like a long time but what God has accomplished during this time is amazing. We have known God can do more with our lives in a few years than we could in a lifetime on our own.
We are still awaiting paperwork which I am realizing not to get too stressed about. By the time we get the paperwork it will be time to apply again. This is just how it goes. I check our mailbox everyday for something. We don't get much mail...i'm sure the bills will come.
We are trying to keep up with the political race as well. It is interesting how many Italians do too, and ask us our opinion. I am looking forward to being able to vote overseas. That seems kind of cool to me. The kids are learning how our governments work different in other countries. Seeing how socialized government and a democracy differ are very real. Not something you glean from a book. It has been interesting to watch how the dollar and the euro change through out the course of this bailout.
So all that to say it does affect us here.
I have been so encouraged by the many comments and thoughts from friends and family. I know that we are being lifted up in prayer and there are moments in my afternoon that God gives me an overwhelming peace that I can't explain. There are things that I thought would be too hard to face and God has given me strength not only to face them but watch Him overcome and cause great victory. Too many times it is easier to forget the promise He gave because it is too hard to believe or accept that He wants the best for me. It is TRUTH. Not only the promise He gave me, but I was reminded that those promises apply to my children. Jeremiah 29:11. If you don't know it learn it. I love the NIV translation. WHAT A PROMISE!! I am so thankful for God's living Word and how it has changed my life this past year...and my kids. The journey has just begun... now if I can just learn to speak the's coming everyday more and more. Keep lifting us up in prayer. Our lives are in your prayers. I hope you are enjoying fall. And all the wonderful smells that go with this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Liles family, We are praying for you every day. God bless you.. Your notes are an encouragement to us. We have fond memories of our trips to Italy. Give the children a hug for us. If we can do anything please ask, it would be our pleasure..Love, Aunt Wanda

KEN LILES said...

"Our lives are in your prayers." Never heard it put that way, but it is ever the truth, if only folks back home could "get it."