Thursday, September 04, 2008

A little piece of our World

This city does not have one evangelical church in it. Look at all these families. This isn't as busy as it sometimes is either. God is going to do something great here!!! I trust HIM!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you see the potential there?! It is sad to think that probably not one person in that video has experienced the grace of Christ. WE CAN'T WAIT TO BE THERE WITH YOU!

Praying for you everyday,
Cody & Dannielle

SammyB said...

Great to see some video.
hope you guys are doing great.
talk to you soon.

admin's wife said...

Becky, I have so much to say about this post!
- I'm so glad you posted a video. It's amazing to see a little bit of what your life looks like over there. It's very surreal! You should post video like that more often.
- I love that you live so closely to a park - how fun is that! And I love that your boys can walk there without you.
- Your kids are very special and full of personality. What other 5 year old girl can run off into a park full of strangers and be told to go make new friends just months after moving to a foreign country?! God sure knows what he's doing.
- I miss you guys (and Jon's voice) and am praying for you:)


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Anonymous said...


I am absolutely amazed how you and your family seems to have adapted to your life in Rome. I love how you tell Natalie to go make a new friend.... You are so strong and dedicated, and an inspiration to me. You will do wonderful things there I know!

Melissa (Wilgus) Yeubanks