Sunday, September 21, 2008

little love bug

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Anonymous said...

We just love all the little cars you find. You know Allen loves little cars, too. He drives a little car. (LOL)

We miss you guys!
Robin & Allen

KEN LILES said...

Hey, buddy. I love the little cars and especially the big boy beside them. Popi

Anonymous said...

Just wondering - - - Is the reference of "little love bug" refer to the cars or the boy beside the cars????


becl said...


The Brinlee Family said...

He's just trying to find something you'll let him drive soon.

SammyB said...

love the sunroofs.
reminds me of the car in "Romancing the Stone" that Danny Devito drives.

Becky, sorry bout the post of Pete. He has a very big heart, so he has a place in there for little Nat too.