Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Link

Just so you know...my inlaws have started a blog you should check it out! They also have a picture up of a small car to go along with Ethan's small car theme. I have tried posting it here but have been unable to. Here is their link. It is here on my page as Popi and Mops. I am so glad they are blogging!
Also I have updated our web album of pictures since we have been here. Check it out. I haven't posted every pic on the blog.
We are doing good this summer and gearing up for the school year. We have literally put together every single thing in our home including plumbing and electrical stuff. It has been a huge learning experience!
Thanks for the prayers. Please don't forget us. I know we have hit the 3 month mark, but we need you now more than ever!!!

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Lynn S. said...

Wow, 3 mos. already. God is so good. I keep up with your Mom for the details, and I'm still praying. The beach day was a great reward for all you've had to deal with. So glad HSBC included you in the Missions trip. Blessings to all of you.