Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Things have been so busy around here. We haven't had internet. I haven't even gotten to talk to my parents in over a week. Please excuse my lack of blogging. We are moved into our new home. It needs lots of work and we are in the process of painting. We have been without a fridge and kitchen sink. So that has definitely been a challenge but we are making it. The fridge and sink should be delivered sometime in the next week or so. Jon is looking at getting a vehicle and that will sure help. We are without air conditioning but so far it hasn't been unbearable. The children have a place to play and we have a great deck and small yard. Please keep us in your prayers. Everyday is a new challenge and God is so faithful. I can't believe we are finally here. I can't believe that it has been 2 months. Can you?


cin said...

no, i can't. Honestly, sometimes it feels like you just left, and sometimes it feels like forever. Especially when i feel the need to squeal!!!

The Worley's said...

Sometimes Italy sounds like a 3rd world country to me. People just can't appreciate how smoothly things work in the States until they have been somewhere else.

Please tell Jon to Skype me when you get time & Internet. KW

The Brinlee Family said...

I so cannot wait to see you guys. I hope everything is working out. Give us a holla when ya can. I hope you had a good time with Jon's parents.