Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The long and short of it

There is so much to say and I am not sure where to begin. First and most important we had our first convert in Italy! Natalie became a follower of Jesus Christ. Her desire to be okay with God was overwhelming. We were eating dinner at our green plastic table and she became upset knowing that one day I would die. I told her everyone will die. She then asked if I would be in heaven. I said "yes, I know for sure I will go to heaven." She began asking more questions and I answered them for her. The boys trying to answer them as well. (I love time around the dinner table...even if it is an old used green plastic one.) Anyway... a few minutes later she was worried and began to get upset again because she was worried that she would forget this when she was older and wondered how she remember. I then told her you can have a child like faith and believe at any age. To this she smiled. She then prayed and confessed she was a sinner and that Jesus was the only one who could save her from her sins because of His death and resurrection on the cross. She asked Jesus to be her Saviour. What a wonderful day as a parent. You want so much to make decisions for your children but this is one that only they can make. She now can't wait to be bathatized. We will probably wait until we can be in Springfield for that.
This week has already started off with amazing blessings from God. I mentioned before that I was going to the school to enroll the children. Well I was able to go with a translator and the first visit last week went well. Only problem was they needed a specific document (basically a residence card) Not a utility bill, or a contract with our name on it that would be too easy). And of course I can't get until I get my permesso...in 9 months. It was a catch 22. The deadline for enrollment was yesterday. We spent two days spinning our wheels to get this accomplished and we couldn't. There is only one school in this area and homeschooling isn't an option...and neither is sending them to a different school further away... we haven't gotten a car yet because we need the same card to buy one. So of course a lot of time was spent in prayer this weekend. Louisa the woman who I was with was very worried about this situation as well. She had tried to enroll her own children last year and they had no room. I know this is long but the end of the story is I was able to get a copy of a document from the police station with their seal on it stating that this is our address. And the headmaster accepted the boys in school. PRAISE GOD. This is the biggest fear I have had about moving here and we are walking thru it. Please keep praying for the children as they learn the language and start at a new school in a whole other language. This also baffled Louisa. I told her I didn't know that man but I have been praying for four years for this moment. And I didn't know her four years ago but I had been praying for her as well, someone to help me go to the school. She was amazed and asked me to pray for her for specific things.
Then we got a package from HOME...THANKS MOM AND DAD!! Then with in 5 minutes our shipment arrived from home!! WHAT A DAY. We were so overwhelmed with His blessings you have no idea what an encouragement all of this was.
Then our friends invited us over for tacos. Of course nothing compares to Hillenburg tacos but they were GOOOOOOOOD!
Now if we could get a phone, internet, a refrigerator, and some beds...no everything is GREAt! God provides what we need when we need it.
So there ya go that's the long and the short of it. Okay the long of it.
Pictures to come soon.


The Brinlee Family said...

First of all, Yeah Natilie! I am so Glad things are starting to come together and it won't be long till you have the things you need. Faith is all you need,what Nat needed to see was what she has seen in you both. You are both heavy on our hearts and we will continue to hold you up in prayer. We love you guys and miss you!

Hillengrandma said...

PRAISE THE LORD!HE IS SO GOOD! We have prayed so much for you all and for the document you needed to get the boys into school. Also, for Louisa. I have prayed for years that all of our grandchildren would be saved, and now they all are. Thank you, Lord. Will continue to pray for the delivery from IKEA and for the internet so we can talk to you more and see our grandchildren on skype. We are really needing to see those cute, smiling faces and hear those sweet, precious voices.
Love you all so much.

The G's said...

Yay Natalie! That is the best news you have shared so far!

The Worley's said...

We are so excited to hear about Natalie and thankful to hear about how God continues to provide for you in so many ways. We miss you all so much. We will pray for opportunities with Louisa and courage and boldness for all of you. We love you.

cin said...

Natalie, did you get my email...i want to be sure it is going to the right place! We are so excited about your salvation! How wonderful to hear just how ready you were! We love you! We are so happy about the way God provided for the schooling situation...thru the letter from the police and the help he is providing too.

Amanda said...

Hurray for Natalie!!!! Hayden was our first convert. It is awesome when God is moving in your family and you can see His hand at work. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Cant wait to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Natalie on making such a big decision!! I'm so proud of you and I know your parents have prayed for this since you were born. Your new room looks beautiful, great job picking out the color! I hope someday we can come see it!!
Aunt Ruth