Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A memory

The last few weeks have been full of new adjustments and just busyness. Our days go by so fast. The children are almost done with school. We got behind the few weeks before we left. I am very proud of them.
Today we got a clothes hanger so I can hang our clothes out in the sun to dry faster. It brought back a lot of memories as a child when I would go outside with my mom and "help" her hang laundry on the line. She had a pouch that tied around her waist that held the clothes pins and I would hand her the pieces of laundry. At least the first few. Natalie helped me the same way today. It's funny how moments can take you back. I could even smell the honeysuckle that was right by the clothesline. My favorite part about that was when she hung towels or sheets to dry and I would run between them. I love you Mom!!
We go to sign on our apartment on the 16th. I am so excited. The family keeps calling it the "happy house". So we are counting down the days until we move into the "happy house". We have been to Ikea twice getting ideas for set up. The owners are taking the Kitchen so we will need to come up with cabinets the sink and refrigerator, along with all the other household furniture. We will be building it one piece at a time. Please continue to pray for us that God would supply our needs and we would be able to wisely make decisions.
I love hearing from all of you. It makes it seem we are not so far away. Other days it seems like we are. Hope you all have a great week. We will post more pictures soon.
Oh and our website has been updated if anyone is interested.


cin said...

i know it will soon hit more and more how far away you are.But the pictures and blogging make it seem not so far after all. Of course,it is easier for me to say that, since I am here. It has made me very glad to be living NOW, instead of in the pioneer days. I cannot imagine not hearing from someone I love for years at a time, months at the very least. We love you guys, happy Ikea shopping...wish we were there to help!

becl said...

I wish you were here to help us put it all together. HA HA. I miss you so much.

Hillengrandma said...

What a sweet memory for you. I, too, loved to hang out clothes. I still would love it, but I would have a hard time carrying the basket of wet clothes to the line. The honeysuckle is in bloom right now. Wish you were here so you could pull apart the flower and get you a sip of honey.Ha! L love you and miss you, too. But, I am like Cin in that I am sooooo thankful for modern technology that we can talk everyday with no cost. Give the children hugs and kisses for us and tell them we love them. Say hey to Jon and tell him we love him,too.

The Brinlee Family said...

It's amazing the things that bring memories to mind. It's nice to have those memories