Thursday, May 22, 2008




Kent's stitches. He really needed four but could only stand getting the two because he felt it too much. That or the doctor could only stand giving him two.
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Amanda said...

Only you guys can have so much drama going on already LOL. How did that happen? Poor thing :(

Hillengrandma said...

Poor Kent! I am so sorry. Hope it is healing o.k. Give him hugs and kisses for me.

Robin said...

Hi, Becky
So sorry about Kent's stitches. I love reading your blog daily.

Love you all,
Your favorite cousin,

The Worley's said...

You guys should be on a first name basis with the Dr's over there. Maybe you can get some frequent customer punch card thing so that every tenth trip to the emergency room is free.

I'm missing our late night movies and Razzelberry pie. I might just go get one this weekend and eat the whole thing myself. Kevin

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry you've already become acquainted with the health care in Italy! Praying Kent's hand heals quickly, by the way, great pictures Kent! It's neat seeing Italy through your eyes!!