Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 4





We went to church today. What a day. God was so good and so faithful. The children were so welcomed and so were we. I can't imagine what churches back home would be like if they welcomed visitors like they welcomed us. The comment was made by Kent that this was the best day. The people would try to speak english to us and we would try to speak some Italian to them. We even had a translator thru the service so we wouldn't be lost. I felt so refreshed and happy. (joyful). Happy mother's day Mom! I miss you sooo much. Yesterday was hard but I was able to keep telling myself that tomorrow is a new day. And it is!!
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Hillengrandma said...

I love that picture of the 3 boys! They all look so happy. Natalie looks a little apprehensive but she looks like she is trying. She looks so cute. I am so happy that you felt welcomed. What about Pastor Bill and his wife? Have you seen the Harrell's yet?

Wanda Meador said...

I know you are ahead there, but I'm still on my time, so Becky, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I love getting on the blog to check out the pictures and just see what's going on. You guys are in my prayers. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Amanda said...

So true, so true, tomorrow is another day and then another and another before long you will look back and smile at all the things that you are going through right now. I am so glad that the boys found a friend. Happy Mother's Day :)

The Worley's said...

I am so excited to see these pictures!! It looks and sounds like you had a great day, and I am glad to see the boys with a friend! Happy Mother's Day and we miss you.