Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still no news

We are looking forward to receiving our invitation letter from Italy. It should arrive any day. Once it is here we head to Chicago to visit the consulate for a fourth shot at our visas. We have become very humbled by the wait that God has asked of us. I still must say, "I TRUST HIM". In the past I have often caught myself on judging others as they make decisions not fully understanding the process or the circumstance. I am learning to capture those thoughts, because now more than ever I understand that there is always more to the story.
Since we have been home our family has had a chance to make new friends, grow in relationships with old ones, love each other more and fall on our knees without them being blown out from underneath us. So I can honestly say "I am thankful". Growing pains sure do hurt but the growth thru them helps mature us.
We have continued with home school and we are right on track. The boys are doing excellent and Natalie is mastering the computer thanks to a recent babysitter (Sky) who showed her how to use it.
I have been organizing and repacking and gearing up again for our next move. I think all together our family has moved 7 times since June. Stability though is not something our children are struggling with. "Thank you Lord!" As far as I can tell.
I have also added a new link to our blog. It has some pictures of Jon's trip to Italy back in September/October. We will post more pictures when we arrive to Italy on that website so you can keep up with us if you like. And of course our blog will have our favorites and how we are doing.
Thanks for all your prayers!!! Keep praying. Specifically for the letter to arrive, For our meeting with the consulate, as we raise more support for our move and set up, and for our children,and my continued health. I go back to the doctor on Monday. I am feeling really good and I am pretty sure my meds are just right.

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The Worley's said...

Great pictures! We love you all and are very thankful to have been able to spend an extra 6 months with you.