Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Good News

I refuse to get frustrated!! This week is full of so many emotions I can hardly contain myself. The most hard one being that of saying good bye to Britt and Kevin. I don't know what I am going to do with out them except to say that we will be living in their house so I guess that worked out pretty well. The kids are sure excited, except I don't think they realize Jack Reece Keaton and Nina won't actually be there with us. Lord willing we will be on our way to Italy before they return home. If you haven't heard we did get our much our waited on letter!!!!! Yeah!! We now have to mail it to Washington D.C. to get a seal from a representative of the Vatican placed on it and then we can include it in the application at the consulate in Chicago. Then who knows what awaits. We are just jumping thru the hoops so to speak. I also went to the doctor on Monday of last week and I am well!! I am so glad. It has been a long ten months but God has been amazing to our family thru all of this. And I have said in so many posts....I TRUST HIM!!!

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mmissions said...

that is awesome guys! keep us updated with the consulate in Chicago. Miss you guys. Praying for you!