Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some thoughts

I know God is answering Prayer. The thought occurred to me a little over a week ago that the prayers I pray for every day may just be the reason for what I think is a delay but to God, is perfect timing. I know if we were supposed to be there RIGHT now we would. I have seen God answer too many miracles not to believe that. While we have been home I have seen a change. A change in my family. We are growing closer together and my children are getting some craved attention that they have so much desired and needed. I have prayed earnestly for my children that they would grow to love the Lord and for their adolescent years... that they would not rebel. The time home has brought me to a place to make sure they are getting the education that is best for THEM. I have watched one of my sons grow in the last month so much. His self esteem has been boosted and we have had several break throughs that Jon and I have really prayed for. I see that maybe... just maybe God loves my little guy more than me and has a plan... I plan that I HAVE TO TRUST. Could this be an answer for the future that God is solidifying some values and time together to keep them from something in the future. What a thought. It does all work together for good to them that love God.
We have started eating around the dinner table every night for almost three weeks now. I can't tell you how good it feels to cook again. And the children love it. They are so glad we are not going out to eat. We save eating out for Sunday afternoon. They are sitting at the table waiting to see what we are going to try tonight. It is true what the experts say about eating around the table with your family, it is a special time. It sure has been fun to get well enough to do this again. Basically I am so thankful even thru something I don't understand, that we have each other. It's funny... this isn't where I thought I would be right now but while I'm here I am going to make the most of it.
To those who are wondering, we are still waiting on some paperwork from Italy. We are so thankful for the trip that Jon was able to go on. He made the contacts necessary for the next step in the process. Please KEEP PRAYING. We will get there. It will be when GOD says so. And it will be GREAT!!

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