Thursday, April 05, 2007

To summarize the last few weeks in one word it would be ... SICK. Our family can't seem to get well. We have been to so many places seen so many things and been able to do so many things, but one of us has been sick while doing it making it not quite the experience it could have been. Does any of this make sense? We have come home and canceled this weeks appointments to recover and get well. Many of you have prayed for us and we are so grateful. The Lord has been good and answered many of your prayers. At this point we are in the process of being looked at through an organization in Rome. They have all of our information...when I say all you wouldn't believe what all we had to send. The process has begun to recieve "the letter" and we will be on our way. Our countdown is 10 weeks! 70 days! Things are progressing as are many emotions. We are trying to cram the rest of homeschool in. The boys are doing great. Packing has begun and garage sale stickers have been bought. It's amazing what it takes to leave a country and go to another. Jon tells me one step at a time. This way I am not too overwhelmed. One thing I am looking forward to is shopping at IKEA. I have been saving my money for a while. One thing I want is a really great table. Hopefully we will be having plenty of company over for dinner. After I learn to cook Italian of course. They have some really neat tables too. I keep imagining the conversations and bible studies that will be done around that table. I keep thinking about the friends we will make and relationships that will be cultivated over the next year. What will I be doing one year from now and will I be able to speak in Italian?!

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