Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Deputation does keep us hopping but it is an experience worth doing! I am so grateful for the many prayers and support that have carried us down this part of our journey. It does give me a sense of accomplishment that we DID IT! (with Lord of course). So many complain and try to get out of deputation, but it has really made us stronger in our commitment to Italy and to each other as a family. The children have a sense of what is coming and have felt like part of the team. Maybe I can say this because it is almost over. Just 13 weeks from today and we fly out of Springfield to Milan. How exciting that it is already here. We are in California this week. We will be in a conference in Ventura with Lance and Melanie. We had a church take us on tonight. Yes they have Tuesday night church and not Wednesday night church. We are in L.A. The service was wonderful and they prayed for us tonight for 30 minutes. Many people prayed specific prayers. It was soooooo encouraging. We are not alone and oh the connections we have made on the road are priceless.
A bit of good news! Jon's eyes are doing good. The doctor also let him know that going to London for his eye care would be the best option. Jon can fly from Milan to London round trip for $20!!! We are so thankful the Lord has provided an option.
Please pray!!! We are down to 90 days and we are getting our Visa paperwork done. We wouldn't be real missionaries if we didn't run into visa problems. PRAY PRAY PRAY. We need a letter of invitation from an established work in Italy to invite us over. This is all we are waiting on. Because there are no Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries there this has been a hurdle. We were told by another missionary that we would have the letter. We found out last week that the particular group he was going to ask is not giving them out anymore. We bought our tickets because this is also something you have to have to obtain your visas. You have to give them the flight itinerary. We do have insurance if we have to set the date back. We DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS. I believe it is crucial we get there in the summer giving the children time to acclimate to the culture and language a bit before they start school. Also giving us time to move into a place. The Lord knows and I trust Him. The missionary we have been getting a lot of advice from has offered to have a real estate agent that goes to his church help us look for a place in his neighborhood. What an encouragement!! I have been rather lengthy but this is what's going on in our life. I have enjoyed looking at what is going on in yours. We sure do miss all of you.


LauraD said...

We will pray for you!

Hillenblog's Wife said...

Becky, we miss you guys. I keep up with Linda, and she told me the great new about Jon's eyes, and that kent is having migraines. We pray for you all the time, we love you and tell Jon and the kids we love them too.