Monday, January 22, 2007

What a Man

I was rescued from the storm last Monday night. I had been alone with the children since Friday night's storm knocked out my electricity. Jon felt so bad for us. Some how he managed to call from Florida and have pizza delivered on Saturday night. My kids thought it was a campout and really had a good time. We played games and did puzzles. By the next day we were all getting stressed just like everyone else. My parents found refuge at my house only because we had a fireplace. I don't know how much rest they actually got. We did have each other and it was a time I will never forget. I like Laura had been cooking over the fireplace as well. Jon phoned on Monday and said he was coming to get me 18 hours home and 18 hours back. Britt phoned in the mean time and I told her of our plan. With in a minute she phoned again and Kevin drove me and the kids to Memphis knocking off 12 hours of Jon's trip. I like so many of the other bloggers realize the friendships and family and how we really do need each other. I am happy to say I have been enjoying Florida. Feeling very guilty though for leaving everyone behind in the storm. We will be coming home for one short day before we leave again next week for Phoenix. I have been describing this storm in the churches we have been in and asking for prayer for our city. The sympathy wasn't much because they just compared it to hurricane mode. I then remind them that the temperature is in the single digits for several days. Then they got the picture. Please know that many of you are in our prayers. I am so glad many of you have your power back. To my knowledge we still do not have electricity on our street. I was going to head home today but I think I will just stick it out here. We have been to several beaches this week with the temperatures topping out at 84 degrees. We all are even a little pink. I know, I know, you hope it blisters. (I don't think it will) Thanks to my Man who brought his bride out of the storm. I am so grateful. I will post some pictures later.

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