Friday, January 05, 2007

Holiday review

I really should be packing for our trip right now but I feel inclined to share a little. We are headed to Virginia Beach this weekend with out the kids. They are staying in Kansas City with Poppi and Mops and then Sunday with Steve and Ruth. They are all too excited. We had a great holiday. Christmas was overflowing with family. First we had Christmas with my family and had the annual Christmas program we have done since before I was born. My Children recited the Christmas story for us and they did an amazing job. Christmas eve was most special because Jon baptized the boys. We had 25-30 people here for Christmas week. It was Jon's family and I wouldn't have had it any other way. This was our last Christmas in the States for a few years so taking down my beautiful tree the other day and I cried. I made it thru the whole week and was able to just have fun. But it came and went. Cindy's blog reminded me that we as a family will have an eternity together and for now I have a job to do. I am so grateful that God has called me to do it. We have a date set. June 12th. A little over 5 months. I lost sleep last night thinking about what all is left to do. We went on Wednesday and purchased the kids passports. All that is left is the task of obtaining our visas. I can't wait to go. I know the goodbyes will be the most difficult but at least the cause is worthy and not in vain. I have always wanted the beautiful farm house and my own salon and the security of "home" but now my hearts desire is truly to be obedient. Those things aren't what I long for because those things won't last through eternity. The souls of people and God's word are the things that will truly last. I long for people to join my family in heaven. Pray for us as we are coming down to the wire. Pray for my family as we leave as well. And when we are gone love them. Wish us luck on this trip. It is supposed to be a great supporting church if we get in. By the way we are at 70 percent coming in as of the end of Decmber with another 10 percent promised.


Anonymous said...

This year Christmas was different for our fam too. Some in Indo, some here, one ill, but God showed me it's not even about family, it's all about His Only Son. So Christmas was the best ever. Love and pray for you 5.

Tina said...

I love you girl! Your blog reminded me that I can certainly get caught up in my own "misery" and totally forget to pray for those who may be going to the same things~~I am praying for you right now! I am so happy to hear that support is at that amount & that you have a date goes so fast! You will do great & God will work through you in ways you could never imagine! Hey, btw, we are in Florida & heard that Jon is coming here; how long will he be here & where all will he be? The Ruesga's will be down here soon also, maybe we can work it out to get together?!? Take care & know you are loved!