Thursday, December 14, 2006

So much to say so little time. I road weary to say the least. Of cours I sat this last trip out. Jon went to Maine, and New Hampshire, Boston and New York City, and Long Island this week. It has been a long 10 days with out him. When we are together so much it puts a hole there when he is gone. Enough gushy stuff! Speaking of the road. One of our occupational hazzards is losing stuff. You should see our van as all five of us pack for a trip. I might just video tape that some time. My biggest goal with our stuff is not to lose it or forget it. I hate losing pieces to a puzzle and parts to games ect. Anyway, we have left behind our Bible at least 3 times, but it always has gotten sent back. Natalie's butterfly blanket has been left twice, and variousl clothing items, which weren't worth mailing back. Countless Mcdonalds toys and so on. But all in all I have kept it all together. Well I think I lost my mind on one of our last trips. I some how left behind a Barbie movie that was from the library, and a captain underpants book. Unfortunately they were never recovered. But the thing I am just so sick with myself over is the fact that I don't know what I did with the case that held all of the leap pad game cartridges. We have all of the books but I lost ALL of the cartridges. The kids really used those on the trips and I LOST them. I have called everywhere trying to locate them so far NADA. They are sad and so am I. I guess we get to start a new collection. The bummer part was there were only certain toys and items we were going to bring with us to Italy and that was definitely one of them. I HATE LOSING STUFF! I am really almost over it but I thought if I blogged about it I would feel better. I think I do.

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