Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Just an update on the Liles happenings. This last weekend we were in Ames Ia in a missions conference. It went very well. They said they would be taking us on for support in January. I am so excited for conference season to be here. We are looking forward to traveling over 8000 miles in the month of October. Not because we are traveling but because it means support is more likely. Jon leaves for Ohio this weekend and is in two churches. Then he will be in Austin TX on Wednesday night. He gets home on Thursday and we leave to catch a flight from KCI to Oregon. Pray for Aunt Cin, she will be taking care of the kids. We get back the next thursday and leave Friday for Ohio again and then head down to Georgia. We are looking for a Halloween activity that we can be a part of that night in Georgia. This will be the kids last celebration of Halloween for a while. (they don't celebrate it quite the same in Italy as we do here.) So as you can see we are very very busy. THANK THE LORD THOUGH. We will be back in November 6th or 7th and we will be in more churches but Jon's surgery is tenatively scheduled the 12th.

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