Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's sunday night and what a day! It was so nice to have Jon home for the weekend. We have had such a good week together as a family. Natti doesn't want Jon out of her sight. He dropped us off at the door at church today and she asked if he was going to stay. He assured her yes. We have had a fabulous weekend starting off with great friends. Britt and Kevin came over and we had a great time just talking and playing bupkis. Saturday was a much needed lazy day at the house. And today was spent at church, and then this afternoon I was able to help out the ladies class for spa day. They had a great turnout over 50 women with a lot of visitors. It sure was fun to get to do hair again. It was a fabulous idea. I think it was definitely a success. Tonight ended with fun at fellows lake playing bocce ball and some other games that were a lot of fun. Even though it was 95 degrees without a breeze.

My mom called tonight and we were talking about school supplies for this year. It hit me next year I will be buying school supplies in Italy. Only 10 months and we are on the field. Hard to believe. I'm excited but I kind of got that queezy butterflies in my stomach kind of feeling.

Next week we head to Houston for Sunday morning and College Station for Sunday Evening. We then head back to Missionary camp. I have no idea what all that will involve. I'm not sure wether to be excited or not. Well until next time.

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